2009 Recent Jobs


Randive Responds to Crash Scene of US Airways Flight 1549

On January 15th, 2009 at 1535 hours, Randive was completing dive operations in Jersey City, NJ on our dive support vessel "BECKY ANN". Upon hearing about the drama unfolding on the marine radio, our dive supervisor called the Randive office in order to advise. [read more]

Randive Recovers 12 Ton Anchor & 13 Shots of Chain in 120 FSW at Bigstone Anchorage, Delaware

In the first week of January, Randive was contacted by the owners of an oil tanker which had a anchor windlass malfunction. The vessel was unable to heave up the anchor due to the windlass damage. [read more]

Randive Recovers Lost Train Wheel for the NTSB at Cold Springs on the Hudson River

On January 2, 2009, the 0633 Metro North Hudson Commuter train out of Poughkeepsie, NY suffered a broken axle and lost wheel while traveling southbound through the area known as Cold Spring along the eastern shore of the Hudson River. [read more]

Randive Assists with Environmental Research & Development for Locating Sunken Oil on Different Sea Bottom Compositions

At the end of 2008 Randive was contracted by the National Oil Spill Response Test Facility to assist in the research and development of sunken oil detection. The first phase of the project was the placement of 10 bottom profile platforms in the facilities 2.6 million gallon test tank. [read more]

Randive Completes Displacement of Approximately 40,000 Cubic Feet of bottom Material at the Philadelphia Navy Yard in Twenty Days

At the end of February, Randive was requested to perform a bottom profile inspection in order to determine if any high spots existed in way of a berthed vessel. [read more]

Randive Completes Bottom Profile Inspection with Laboratory Analysis of Bottom Sediment for Utility Company

In the end of March, Randive was awarded a contract to perform a bottom profile inspection complete with an analysis of the bottom sediment for a very large local utility company. [read more]

Randive Awarded and Completes USCG & ABSS Survey on the Training Ship Kennedy in the Cape Cod Canal at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy for Marad

Randive, Inc. was awarded a contract to perform a survey on the T/S KENNEDY in order to synchronize their ABS & USCG in-water surveys. [read more]

Randive Completes a Major Propeller Repair & Rebalancing on Large Container Vessel for a Prominent Shipping Company

On April 27th, we received an urgent phone call at 2300 hours from the Port Engineer from a very large shipping company stating that one of his vessel’s had sustained major propeller damage. We were on scene early the next morning in order to ascertain the extent of the damage and to formulate a repair to be approved by Class. [read more]

Lost Equipment Recovered in Stapleton Anchorage Avoiding Costly Delays to Tanker After Issuance of COTP Order

On June 5th, an oil tanker was having a new trash compactor delivered when it accidentally was lost overboard during delivery. Upon notification of the incident to the U.S.C.G., the vessel’s owners were advised that the vessel would not be allowed to leave the Port upon completion of discharge, until the unit was recovered. [read more]

Completion of Emergency Rudder Repairs on Cruise Ship Performed at the PST in N.Y. City

In the early part of May we received a call from a major Cruise Ship company that she was experiencing problems on her Becker rudder en route Northbound from Ft. Lauderdale. We were requested to attend the vessel upon arrival in order to inspect the rudder for any damage the following day. [read more]

Randive Completes Salvage of Drill Casing 35 NM Offshore of Barnegat, NJ for Scientific Consortium

In the early part of July, Randive was contacted by a scientific group who were conducting drilling operations off the coast of New Jersey. [read more]

Emergency Repairs Completed on Sea Inlets of 38 Meter High Performance Sailboat at North Cove, N.Y.

In the beginning of July a high performance aluminum sailing vessel developed a leak in way of her starboard sea inlet flange. We arranged to meet the vessel on arrival in order to seal off the inlet to disassemble the strainer and valve assembly so a temporary repair solution could be formulated. [read more]

Randive Performs Preliminary Hull Repairs and Ultrasonic Testing on Cruise Ship

After a routine safety inspection by the U.S.C.G. a cruise ship arriving in New York City from Reykjavik, Iceland was found to have a small leak in way of the engine room. The Superintendent called upon us to perform a permanent repair; if possible. A temporary repair was facilitated upon arrival in order to better [read more]

Randive Commences Oil Remediation Project with Environmental Firm

Randive was asked to perform an inspection of an abandoned water intake tunnel for a large utility company. [read more]

Randive Completes Multiple Pintle Plate Fabrications and Underwater Welding Installations for Large Container Vessel Company

During the early part of the summer Randive was asked to perform an in water survey on a large container vessel. During the inspection it was found that the pintle access plate was missing. [read more]

Comprehensive Vessel Maintenance and Inspection Contract Completed at Earle Naval Weapons Station, NJ

In the middle of September, Randive was requested to perform multiple in water tasks on a Military Sealift Command vessel at the Naval Weapons Station in Earle, New Jersey. [read more]

Comprehensive Condition and As-Built Pier Inspection with Video Completed In Camden, NJ

In the beginning of October a large engineering company requested we provide general diving services for the purpose of confirming and establishing as-built drawings and determining the overall structural condition of a large pier in the Camden, NJ area. [read more]

Randive Assists with the Salvage of 35 Meter Dredge in the Navesink River, Shrewsbury, NJ

On November 15th, we received an urgent phone call asking us to respond to the sinking of a small dredge working on a USACE channel improvement contract in the Navesink River. Upon completion of a preliminary salvage inspection it was found that the dredge was being held up off the bottom by her spuds. [read more]

Mooring Anchor for Stake Buoy Located and Recovered off Robins Reef Utilizing Side Scan Sonar

December began with a call to recover a mooring anchor which had been lost after the stake buoy swivel had failed. [read more]

Emergency Cleaning of Caisson Track and Seal Repairs Performed Working Around the Clock with Multiple Dive Crews

During the second week of November, we were asked by a large Dry Dock & Repair company to determine the cause of why their caisson was unable to obtain a seal. Upon preliminary survey, it was found that there was a large amount of debris built-up in way of the caisson track. [read more]

Welding Repairs Performed on Elizabeth, NJ Wave Wall

During the last week of 2009, we received a phone call that the Elizabeth wave wall was in need of temporary repairs. [read more]

Emergency Hull Cleaning Performed at Ambrose Anchorage Prior to Blizzard

Right before the December 19th blizzard, Randive was requested to attend a tanker that was severely fouled out at Ambrose. [read more]